Welcome ,

My name is Darcie R Clark and I am the the Founder and CEO of Riverscape Counseling , I received my Undergraduate degree in Equestrian Science from William Woods University and I Minored in Art in 1995. I believe now, since I decided not to go in that direction,  that is was just meant to be a stepping stone. It is what gave me the push I needed to go back to school  and obtain my  Masters in Criminal Justice in 1998 and then finally, my Masters in Community Counseling. 

Because of this combo, much of my early work was with juveniles and adolescents  involved in the Court System, on Probation, or in Treatment /Correctional facilities . After that,  7 years was spent solely in Private Practice . One day, one  of my colleagues had approached me stating she had  an office space of her own and needed some help financially. She was looking for someone  to share the cost with her. I decided to take the leap. I knew  that there were changes I wanted to see happen in the mental health field and I  was happy for the opportunity. In 2011 I  decided, after taking this first step, that this was indeed a positive life direction.  I wanted to give more attention to my own  clients and provide services in a way that I  believed provided the greatest amount of quality care . I  started off very slow . Then one day towards the end of 2011 I took over that office space and began the  practice as Darcie R Clark LPCC LLC .

In reflecting back, I realized,  each time I made a large step with regards to the company, it felt gigantic and scary, but each time I'd taken a step, is the very moment when the other steps presented themselves.

I was 2 years on my own and then I hired one person and a receptionist who only worked until noon.This is when we moved to 11 W. Monument where our Main office sits today, and began doing business(DBA) as  Riverscape Counseling . 

In June of 2016 we began our Equine Therapy program which is called Horses 2 Healing (H2H ) , in Springboro. To bring it full circle , my Degree in Equestrian Science, which I hadn’t believed would count for much, now was #relevant again . 


In December 2018  is when we opened our Centerville Site . Located at the Historic Ebenezer Andrew house at 6239 Wilmington Pike , it has 7 offices  and was built in the early 1800's (but it's not haunted). 

In 2020 we opened our newest and nearly oldest office. The Wolcott-Ostram House built in the late 1800's, became our Indianapolis home.(but it's not haunted either.) It is operated by our Co-CEO of that office Keianna Rae Harrison-Williams. One of the most important things I have learned is how important it is to have good people in the right placesKeianna is one of those people.

We have now grown to 35 Counselors (Several with dual Licenses), a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and 6 Administrators. 


This basic formula continues today, thousands of patients later, Riverscape Counseling continues to honor this vision, that  “the patient is the most important person.”